Our Mission

Our children are the future of our community. What we teach them today will shape their life for ever. Our mission is to develop  in each student, a positive identity as a Muslim who is prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically to succeed in tomorrow’s world.
We strive to help our students by providing best academic and Islamic education within the Islamic environment to produce good citizens and strong leaders who are committed to individual excellence, their family and the community.



Urgent Announcements

  • School Reopens on Tuesday September 6th
  • The ICOB Academy opens. The new academic year 2016-2017 begins

    First Day of School for all students
    For registration and admission forms: Click Here

    For Contact Information:  Click Here


  • Accepting Applications for Hifz Program
  • Attention ICOB Academy Parents: This after school program is specially designed for your kids!

    ICOB Al-Qur'an Academy is accepting applications for Qur'an reading classes. This program ranges from elementry Qaida level to Hifz (memorization of Qur'an). Classes will be held Mondays thru Fridays from 3:00 PM till 6:00 PM. The fee structure is as follows:

    • Qaida Level: $50 per month
    • Basic Quran Reading: $50 per month
    • Tajweed:  $50 per month
    • Hifz (for ICOB Academy students): $100 per month
    • Hifz (for all other students): $150 per month

Office Hours

Important Dates

  • Following are the Important Dates for 2016-2017 School Year

    Please note these dates and mark your calendars and plan accordingly:

    Sunday August 28, 2016 

    2016-2017 ICOB Academy Open House & Carnival

    Meet & Greet the new ICOB Principal & staff

    Time: 1:00 – 5:00 pm   

    Location: ICOB Academy main campus

    More details will be announced later

    Monday September 5, 2016

    Labor Day Holiday - ICOB Academy closed for students/staff

    Tuesday September 6, 2016

    The ICOB Academy opens/New academic year 2016-2017 begins

    First Day of School for all students

    More details will be sent later

    September 12-13, 2016

    Eid-ul-Adh’ha Holidays

    ICOB Academy closed for students/staff

    Depending upon moon sighting, and the announcement for Eid ul-Adh'ha, dates may change/Parents will be notified.

    Thursday September 22, 2016

    ICOB Academy Back to School Night 2016

    Time:   6:00 – 8:00 pm            

    Location:         ICOB Academy main campus

    More details will be sent later

    Friday September 23, 2016

    The Great Muslim Adventure Day at 6Flags

    Half day/early dismissal at 12:00 pm

Uniform Requirements

  • Uniform Description for academic Year 2016-2017
  • The sole objective of ICOB Academy’s dress code (uniform) policy is to establish the concept of unity, and a feeling of a community among its students. The uniform strengthen learning environment and minimizes disruptions and other behavioral issues in school. The uniform also increases courtesy and respect for others, strengthens the concept of equality, and increases self-discipline among students.


    • Navy blue pant
    • Light blue shirts (full/half sleeve) 
    • Shoes/Sneakers
    • School logo badge


    • Light blue shirt (full sleeve)
    • Navy blue skirt
    • Shoes/Snickers
    • Hijab/Scarf (3rd grade & up) 
    • School logo badge

    Gym Uniform  

    • Grey T-Shirt (full/half sleeve/boys)
    • Grey Long T-Shirt (full sleeve/girls)
    • Navy blue sweat pants (boys/girls)

    Please note:

    • The prescribed uniform is a mandatory requirement for all students of ICOB Academy.
    • All students in PK thru 5th grade must be wearing officially prescribed ICOB Academy uniform every day during school hours as well as during school sponsored educational field trips unless otherwise there is a change which will be notified.
    • Parents will be informed in case students are coming to school without proper uniform.
    • In case of frequent violation of ICOB Academy’s uniform policy, the parents will be called and students will be sent home.
    • It is the parent’s responsibility to see to it that the students follow the uniform code. Gym uniforms must be worn on scheduled gym class days.